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Oregon Statewide Transition Conference
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Igniting Partnerships for Student Success

Session Schedule

Session 1 9:30-10:45

  • The Art of Providing Pre-ETS, an Interactive Session

    Toni DePeel, Nicole Perdue, Ashley Jopling & Lisa Catherwood

  • Unmasked: Social skills experience of adolescent females experiencing ASD

    Marisa Kofke

  • Transition from the Experts w/ Nina G

    Nina G. & Student Panel

  • Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation 101

    Cortney Gibson, Kadie Ross & Heather Lindsey

  • Sex Ed in Oregon: Comprehensive and Inclusive for All Students

    Sasha Grenier

  • Partnering to Create Successful Employment Outcomes

    Laurie Brooks & Brian Sacre

  • Helping Students Take Control of Their Financial Future with ABLE

    Treasurer, Tobias Read & Kaellen Hessel

  • Your Choice, Your Voice: Empowering Transition Students to Vote

    Ester Harlow

  • Lessons Learned in Serving Young Offenders with Disabilities in Re-Entry

    Deanne Unruh

  • Transition Experiences: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth

    Kathryn Eckert-Mason & Eleni Boston

Session 2 10:55-12:10

  • CIS Tools for Transition Aged Youth with Disabilities

    Mary Tharp & Patrick Clark

  • Preparing for Inclusive Postsecondary Education: What Can High Schools Do for Success

    Mary Morningstar, Susan Bert & Lucy Balthazaar

  • Reigniting the Fire in Your Employment First Team: Tips from a rural community to stay strong

    Erica Drake & Marquerite Blackmore

  • Guardianship and Transition Age Students

    Emily Braman

  • An introduction to Occupational Skills Training

    Mark Noah

  • Work Communication Strategies for People who Experience Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Janie Radinovich-Brose & Wendy Wall

  • How to Get in to College and Survive with Dyslexia

    Betsy Ramsey & Carrie Thomas-Beck

  • Self-Determination in Postsecondary Education: Strategies to Support Students with Disabilities

    Kyle Reardon & James Sinclair

  • Engaged Parents + Shared Vision = Greater Student Outcomes

    Roberta Dunn

  • We’re doing it, so can you! Transition for incarcerated youth

    Shawn Horrell, Aundrea Majewski & Darrin Rykman

Session 3 1:15-2:30

  • Putting on an Interactive Independent Living Fair

    Lon Thornburg & Donna Lowry

  • Oregon Seamless Toolkit: Resources to Build and Guide a Transition Team

    Sarah Statham, Kriss Rita & Nicole Perdue

  • Mental Health and college readiness: Removing personal and institutional Barriers

    James Sinclair, Chris Knowles, Sloan Storie & Sondra Stegenga

  • Ethical Considerations in a Tech Savvy World

    Heather Lindsey & TBD

  • Promoting mental health Awaremenss: A Mental Health First Aid Approach

    Maria Gdonatkis Pos

  • Introduction to I/DD services- Getting and staying connected!

    Nathan Deeks, Brad Collins, Melanie Hartwig, Erica Drake, Theresa Knowles, Micah Sischo, & Acacia McGuire Anderson

  • Career and Technical Education & Secondary Students with Disabilities

    Dawn Rowe & Deanne Unruh

  • Supported Decision Making

    Emily Braman

  • To be engaged or not engaged, that is the question?

    Sally Simich & Charlotte Alverson

  • Secondary Transition Fidelity Assessment: Assessing Fidelity of Implementation in Transition

    Kyle Reardon, Marcus Poppen, Deanne Unruh & Dawn Rowe

Session 4 2:40-3:55

  • Bring Your Own Device: Assistive Technology

    Christina Bruck & Felicia Arce

  • The power of first person language

    CJ Webb and Heather Lindsey

  • Heart of Oregon’s Programs for Youth / SWIFT in Portland Information about the Programs and a Panel discussion with youth participants

    Linda Graham, Tyler McRae, Sam VanDerBeek, Kara Johnson, Lisa Catherwood, Terry Falken Stern, Student Pannel

  • The Fundamentals of Teamwork-Facilitating Effective Relationships for Lasting Partnerships

    Elizabeth Juaniza-Saso & Emily Harris

  • Transition Assessment: Uncovering Student Strengths and Career Interests

    Deanne Unruh & Dawn Rowe

  • I/DD Employment Services- Forms and Processes

    Nathan Deeks & ODDS Regional Specialist team

  • Restraint & Seclusion Policy to Practice: Dispelling Myths and Discussing Facts

    Lisa Bateman

  • "LIVE" Professional Learning Community on Creative Transition Programming

    Marquerite Blackmore, Josh Barbour & Kriss Rita

  • Intelligent Lives screening - challenging us to see all students potential

    Roberta Dunn & Sally Simich

  • How to engage students in conversations about disability, work & success

    Heather Lynch

Session 5 9:30-10:45

  • Working on SSA Benefits

    Katie Thompson & Matt Hall

  • Using ABLE Account in Transition Planning and Employment

    Alisha Langford

  • Oregon STEPSS Pilot

    Betsy Miller and Representatives from Molalla River School District (Gary Miller and Michael Salitore) and North Bend School District (Melissa Downs and Ron Henderson)

  • Are We There Yet? One District's Journey Through the Transition Coalition Self-Study

    Central High School Transition Team & Mary Morningstar

  • The Power of Consortia: Working Together for Student Success

    Jesse Berkey, Gerrit Wiebe, Jodi Johnson, Kathi Morris, Cathy Noles & Loretta Stites

  • Brokerage 101: A partner to your success

    Mandy Jensen & Alexei Martina

  • Enhancing Coordinated Transition Services in Washington

    Marcus Poppen, Tammie Doyle & Midge Rigsby-Eldredge

  • Exploring DSP Beliefs about Autism, Transition, and Work

    Christina Howard

  • Supporting Seamless Transition Through Technology for Self-Determination and Data Sharing

    Tom Keating, Anders Pettersson, Josh Barbour, Toby Richard & Sherry Sandreth

  • Benefits of Partnering with your local Tribal Programs

    Susie Calhoun

Session 6 10:55-12:10

  • Legal Issues in Transiton Services

    Elliot Field

  • High-Quality IEPs: A Focus on Transition

    Nicole Garcia, Sally Simich & Eric Wells

  • Self-Advocacy: ADA and Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS)

    Carla Waring & CJ Webb

  • YTP Career Exploration Camp

    Malheur YTP, Debbie Durham, Dannette Hackman, Christa Maupin & Kirsten Reid

  • Building employment opportunities from the ground up

    Linda Shipley & Heidi Leroue

  • Your FBA is a Fantasy

    Doris Bowman & Rick Bowman

  • Developing Skills Beyond Money

    Rachel Stalter & Kate Skinner

  • Our Story of Advancing Employment First Through Employer Engagement

    Heidi Dirkse & Cindy Bahl

  • Transition at Victory Academy: Work Experience Program for Middle and High School

    Sula Willson

  • Expediting Processes of VR and Schools to Benefit the Students

    Lynn Carter

Session 7 1:15-2:30

  • Fidelity Wraparound for transition aged youth

    Natalie Jacobs & Jean Lasater

  • Paths 2 the Future Project

    Michelle Prudden, Jessica Downing & Marisa Kofke

  • Jackson and Josephine Counties Collaboration Success

    Cynthia Cameron & Jen Perry

  • Life Skills Transitions Pilot Program: A Community-Based Vocational Experience

    Sarah Apker & Tegan Wynne

  • CTE and Inclusion of Students with Disabilities

    Peter Fitzgerald, Mary Jo Erickson, Toni DePeel, Eivind Sorenson & Sally Simich

  • Building a successful transition program: Peer Mentoring, School Based Business, and Community Partnerships

    Josie Shindler

  • Incorporating Evidence-Based Practices into the IEP: Research to Practice

    Charlotte Alverson, Michael Salitore & Cady Wills

  • WAGES: How To Put Them In Your Pocket

    Josh Barbour, Mike Johnson, & Ken Woody

  • Results Focused Pre-Employment Transition Services

    Whitney Fowler

  • Project SEARCH: Training that Leads to High Quality Jobs and Careers

    Paula Johnson